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Sound Bars and the Costs?

Sound Bar is compact all –in- one speaker systems that usually paired with a TV.

This device has been evaluated and recommended by Chris Heinonen, the AV staff writer at The Wirecutter, a website owned by the New York Times.

Sound bars are very popular of being solution for two major problems with the TV sound systems whether we listen to music or watch TV.  Especially with thin flat –panel displays that leaves not much room for speakers. In comparison, the old tube-style TV sets had lots of space to put speakers.  Speakers work by air movement therefore smaller speakers in flat-panel TVs do not sound nearly as good.

The speakers in flat-panel TVs stationed either at the bottom or the back of the panel.

Most important thing is that the small sound bars don’t require any additional cables or equipment and have Bluetooth built in or Airplay so you can easily play music wirelessly. It is true that the sound bars would not sound as good as a sets of big speakers, but sound much better than TV. Let us talk about the price, like any other products sound bars also comes with different model and prices too.  If you want to buy one then the starting price should not be less than $200, at this price you could get sound bar that can sound very good.  

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